Filaret Gămălău a priest with a great spiritual life

For several days in a row, during the night, cars arrived at the Piatra Neamț prison with other prisoners from the Bistrita Valley, from Buhalnița, Crucea, Borca, Farcașa, Poiana Teiului, Galu, as well as from Pipirig and Târgu Neamț. The first to enter the cell was the monk Filaret Gămălău, from the commune of Crucea, former abbot of the Rarău Monastery. This priest, with a great spiritual life, had been sold by his brother-in-law, I. Rosu, from Poiana Teiului, as well as by D. Irimescu.

(Grigore Caraza, Aiud însângerat, edited by Adrian Alui Gheorghe, 5th edition, Tipo Moldova Publishing House, Iași, 2013, p. 44)

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