“I don’t know what physical laws could explain this”

New and increasingly diabolical forms of torture were introduced. Among other things, we were made to squat with our hands raised. First by the dozens, then by the hundreds and even by the thousands.

When you fell to the ground, the torturers would jump on you with their boots. It was like the Apocalypse…

I remember Paul Limberia, who did 1,200 squats (if I remember correctly). I don’t know what physical laws could explain this[1]. Poor Paul fell ill. He was taken out of the room and died shortly afterwards.

Paul Limberia lived in Pitești. The news of his death reached Pitești. The diagnosis of pneumonia did not satisfy his parents. I don’t know how they managed to have him exhumed. The autopsy showed that a good number of his ribs were broken. Probably a more sympathetic guard whispered something to the family.

(Aurel Vișovan, My God, My God, why have you forsaken me, Vol. I)

1. It should be remembered that Paul Limberea had been in an advanced state of starvation for several months due to poor nutrition, often bordering on malnutrition. At Pitești, during the entire period of re-education, the diet of the re-education opposing prisoners varied between 800 and 900 calories a day. Under these circumstances, the memorialist’s question as to whether the laws of biology could explain the execution of 1200 squats is justified.

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