In Father Ilie Lăcătușu, God placed the gift of incorruptibility

All the signs speak for the holiness of Father Ilie, the popular devotion and piety that his relics arouse in the people, the continuation of the holy se that he did even in life, they work to increase the faith of the people and glorify God through them with a power thousands of times greater than when the Saint was alive. There are so many good priests who, in their lives, worked for the holiness of their parishioners, many of whom suffered or died in prisons. Who remembers them? Only their families and friends. In Father Ilie Lăcătușu, God put something more: the incorruptibility, the holy fragrance and, above all, the power to proclaim the Word even after death, through the miracle He performed with the Saint’s body.

(Pr. Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa – Saint Ilie Lăcătușu. Life, miracles, acatist. Areopag Publishing House, Bucharest, 2011, p. 19)

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