“Shoot, Titule, so the boys can escape!”

Jublenii and Marinescu were somewhere on Vîlsan. Titu Jubleanu’s wife, Marioara – God forgive her, because one day we may find her bones – had washed the laundry and spread it out in the sun. And a surveillance plane flew over. They said it was the flight from Sibiu. But it was from the Security Service, and it said to the people down below, ‘Look, there are white dots on this square! And they ran her over. When the Securitate saw Miss Mărioara, a kind of Elisabeta Rizea… her last words were: shoot, Titule, so the boys can escape!… Uncle Titu and Miss Mărioara fired and the boys escaped.

Tică, her son and Ionel Marinescu. But they were surrounded and someone, seeing them from the side, standing on the rocks and shooting, fired a bullet at her. Where that kind of bullet enters the body it makes a small hole, but where it comes out it opens up. And then they jumped on her with their feet until her lungs came out through the bullet exit wound. An eyewitness told me: Titu Jubleanu. When he saw that the boys had fled and his wife was dead, he raised his hands and surrendered. They made him dig a small grave, with his fingernails, with his fingers, he dug with a broken slab. Hurry, hurry! He dug like a palm deep and they said: “Enough! “I covered her with sand and stones with my hands, after kissing her, and that was all…” And they took him to Pitești, to the Security Service.

(Cornel Drăgoi – The story of Elisabeta Rizea from Nucșoara followed by Cornel Drăgoi’s testimony, edited by Irina Nicolau and Theodor Nițu, Humanitas Publishing House, Bucharest, 1993, pp. 138-139)

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