Valerius’ mere presence brought peace of heart and mind

Valeriu was a man who lived the Word of God at a very high level, I would say at the level of the Saints, the Great Fathers and hesychasts. He did not speak as much as he lived, because if he had spoken as much as he lived, it would have meant that we could not understand anything. Valerius was above understanding. His mere presence, his mere appearance – said the boys who stayed with him in the cell – brought peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of spirit, and brought devotion to him. All those who were in the cell with him were devoted to him. That is to say, he called your love for him through his love for you. I don’t doubt that he is a Saint. (…)

At least Gafencu, wherever he went, the whole cell became a prayer!

(Pr. Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa – The life of Fr. Gheorghe Calciu according to his and others’ testimonies, Christiana Publishing House, Bucharest 2007, p. 43, 46)

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